Sunday, June 27, 2010

Seattle / Bellevue

On June 10th Terrill, Laurie and I flew up to Seattle to spend the weekend with Rudy. It was a lot of fun! We were able to see the sights and at the same time spend time with Terrill's Parents. Some of the activities we did were going to the Space Needle, Pike's Market, Dinner by the ocean, Shopping, Boeing Museum, Hanging out the in the apartment, going on nice drives and eating yummy food!

I had a huge project due for work so unfortunately I had to spend some of the weekend doing that. But luckily everyone was very flexible so it worked out...thanks everyone! Terrill and I really appreciate Laurie and Rudy for showing us the sites and planning so many fun things! We had a blast and Washington is really beautiful.

On the first day we visited the Boeing Facility and then went to dinner by the beach. (I forget what it was called) We also went to this awesome waterfall that gives off large amounts of mist. It was awesome!

Laurie and Rudy

The Mists are Beautiful! (and wet!)

The second day (Saturday) we spent at Pikes Market and the Space needle. Both were so fun. What I thought was fun about pikes market were all the different things for sale. There was a lot of interesting food, like flavored olive oil, jams, nuts and honey. The Space needle had incredible views and interesting history of the area.

Pikes Market

I forgot to mention that Terrill and Rudy went shooting. Later that night we also went bowling as well.

"What? Getting strikes are so easy"

Please note the score...ha!

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