Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Brooklyn Noel Wolf 12-25-2016

Guess who decided to make her entrance on Christmas day!!! It was a whirlwind to say the least but non the less the best Christmas present I have ever had.  Brooklyn has proven to be our hardest newborn yet but has become quit the sweet baby nowadays.  As I am typing this, Terrill is rocking her back and forth so she isn't fussy :)

With that said I am crunched for time and I can't spend as much time as I would like on writing this blog.  So I am going to highlight the labor and delivery story with bullet points!

- First contraction started at 4:36am
- Went to hospital for first time at 8:45am and was still dilated to a 2, I walked the halls for an hour, rested for an hour and nothing had changed, came home and rested in bed
- Pain continued to increase quit a bit and was back at hospital by 3:00pm at that point I was dilated to a 5
- They broke my water at 4:46pm
- They inserted the epidural at 4:15pm
- Shortly after I passed out and once they stabilized me, the doses started at 4:35
- At 4:55pm they increased the pain medication
- 5:40pm dilated to a 7
- 5:50 increased pain medication
- 6:45pm dilated to a 9.5
- Pushed 3 times around 7:10 and she was born at 7:12
- Brooklyn Noel Wolf 9lbs 2oz, 22.5inches long - big baby girl!!!
- I nursed her about 10 minutes after she was born

That night numbness in my leg lasted for about 7 hours and about 3 hours on the right.  

We are grateful that recovery is over with and that we are enjoying a healthy happy baby now!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Christmas 2016

I am going to split this into 2 posts BECAUSE there were two parts to the day.  1st being actual Christmas morning with my kids and 2nd having a baby! This will just be about Christmas but will have a little information about baby too.

At 4:36am Christmas morning I felt a contraction and didn't want to think much of it. Then I felt another and another. They came pretty regularly - about every 10 minutes or so.  When Mason woke up at 6:30am I was like "lets get this show on the road!"  We got Maddie up - had them look and open stockings, check that Santa ate his cookies and milk and opened presents.  It was all really fun but I was still having regular contractions and I was almost positive I was going to be having the baby on Christmas!!  We texted and told Terrill's mom and by 9:00am she was there and we were on our way to the hospital....more to come in the next post!

Baby Bump #3

I wasn't as diligent at taking photos this pregnancy because well....I was bigger than the other two and I didn't want to have to see that! haha.  Now that it's over and life has moved onward, I can share all about it.  I gained 24 lbs with this pregnancy and measured small until the end.  Besides feeling tired, huge (at the end) and having minor aches and pains the pregnancy went really well! I mean don't get me wrong, I don't like being pregnant one bit and now that it's over I don't want to forget that so when I feel yucky with my next pregnancy I can look back and know that I felt yucky with this one.  My discomfort of feeling big with this one started much earlier.  Like around 25 weeks.  I gained most of my weight in the beginning.  At my first check up I had gained 8 lbs already!! By the halfway point I had gained about 18lbs so I was really scared that I was going to go crazy with the weight gain but I didn't and it all worked out...phew!

In the first trimester I felt good for the most part and my nausea wasn't that bad (hallelujah!). I was tired and moody but that was about it.  I ran/exercised throughout he whole pregnancy. I think the last time I did a TRX workout was around 36 weeks and I could do a light jog until like 4 days before I delivered. (towards the end I switch to a jog/walk).  

I feel so grateful to have our baby now and that I have been able to do this pregnancy thing 3 times!! I am feeling accomplished over here...haha

BTW - why is every pregnancy shirt I have have stripes?? Yuck and yuck - haha

28 Weeks

35 Weeks

36 Weeks

39 Weeks

Almost full term! 

Terrill's Spartan Race 11-12-16

I don't know much about this race except that Terrill had a great time, got really dirty, went with a group of his friends, showed off is big muscles and still looked ridiculously handsome afterwards! Great job Terrill!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Mason is 5!!!

Mason is 5 years old and what a wonderful young man he is becoming.  I want to jot down a few things about him that I never ever want to forget.  First of all - he is so handsome! I mean look at this cute school picture.  I am going to bullet point all my thoughts because it's easier!!

Some of the great!!
- Is a morning person, always first one awake (after mama) and always wakes up with a smile on his face full of energy for the day
- LOVES school, making new friends and being an obedient student.  His teacher told me he is very polite and obedient, that he is thoughtful of others but doesn't let others walk all over him
- At 5 years old, he loves legos.  He can't really follow directions yet to put together complex things but he does build things on his own and can play with them for hours
- He is suddenly obsessed with Star Wars, he spends every night before bed looking through his 3 Star Wars book (an encyclopedia of lego star wars figurines, short star wars stories and the original movie star wars book)
- Unfortunately his favorite characters are the bad guys - he loves Darth Vader (this makes me nervous)
- Every night at dinner we go around telling what we did nice for someone and he is always eager to share something, usually it's helping out another classmate pick up their lunch box or get their coat or help with something at school
- He is in 5T and 6T clothes
- 90% for height and 65% for weight
- He is a great eater - he will eat his dinner completely even if he doesn't love it, he eats fruits and doesn't love veggies but will eat them
- He savers his treats, he will stick them in his cupholder by his booster seat and have a little treat a day (just like his father and Maddie is the exact opposite)
- He is learning to pray with a little more thought and is learning the scriptures through a CD we listen too call Scripture scouts.  A few times he has surprised us in FHE by telling US the story of the scriptures we are trying to explain and he says he learns it at church and Scripture scouts
- He really strives to do what is right
- He learned how to put his laundry in the washer and then fold it when it's done (doesn't mean he loves to do it but he does it!)
- Unloads the dishwasher whenever it is clean
- Makes his bed every morning
- Is in swim lessons and can do freestyle and partial back stroke (he doesn't loves it though)
- His best buddies are Logan Ball, Teddy Greenan and Gavin Mulliner and Jude Flemming (if he lived here)

Some of the not so great!!
- He started saying the word "hate" so we are working on reversing that
- He is still very possessive of his toys when it comes to playing with his sister... His "guys" are his prized possessions so we are working on him sharing his role play with her cause she always wants to be next to him
- I have to force him to do things like play games, work on letters and numbers, play learning games - he would rather play
- Sometimes when he role plays, he loves killing everything....working on that too!

We LOVE you so much Mason!!!

Halloween 2016

All the holidays get so much more fun as the kids get a little older.  Mason no doubt wanted to be spider man (this was before he discovered Star Wars!) and Maddie was content with me picking her costume of ballerina dancer.  Halloween is always a time of birthday celebrations for Terrill and I.  During this time of year we went to the pumpkin patch, attended the Halloween party for music makers, attended Mason's school party/parade for Halloween, went to our ward trunk or treat and of course went trick or treating with all the cousins!  It was all so much fun.  I love watching my kids grow up and enjoy the sweet moments of life.  I am truly blessed with the best of the best when it comes to them and my sweet husband.

Overnight baby moon in Capitola

We got to take 24 hours and getaway without the kids for a night!! Tiffany and I swapped so they took our kids in October and then we took their kids at the beginning of December.  Terrill and I decided to spend the night in Capitola.  On our way down we stopped for dinner in Los Gatos at a nice pizza place.  Then we headed to the beach to grab some ice cream and walk around.  On Saturday we had a yummy breakfast at the hotel, walked down to the beach and enjoyed some quality time together.  It's always nice to reconnect and feel like we are dating again!!  Tiffany survived with our kids (Maddy was kind of naughty) and all in all everything worked out.  We are grateful to live close to family and have our kids grow up near some of their cousins!!