Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dad's Funeral, Marathon and Family

Dad's Funeral

The funeral was so nice. We also had a viewing the night before. My cousin Henry did the programs. (thanks Henry...your the best!) My Aunt Kelly, Uncle Danny, Bob Haaga (dads best friend), Aunt Kathy and myself all spoke. There was a beautiful musical number by the walker family... "A Poor Waifering Man of Grief". It was wonderful. My Parents bishop gave the closing remarks. The spirit was so strong.

I just wanted to say thank you to all who came to the viewing and funeral and gave countless flowers and cards. Our family was so touched and it all truely helped us to be comforted.


Terrill and I flew out to Utah immediatly at the news of my Dad's passing. My sis and I were scheduled to Run in the Ogden Marathon. One of the first things my mom told me was the she thought Dad would have still wanted us to run even though he had passed. My sis and I decided we were going to run it for him and give it our all! Below are some pics of the race. Terrill - you are an amazing husband who has supported me so much through this. Thanks for being there for me and thanks for cheering me one when running this race was one of the hardest times running ever!

Time: 3:46 (only 6 more minutes before I qualify for boston!)

My Dad always called me Divine and my sister Nick Nack

Me and my sis with Mom

My love

So I have to come up with new method for motivating myself to run marathons. I felt so sick after this one. I thought I was going to barf. It tried to eat along the way but I never feel like it. With all the anxiety and events of the week, I don't think my body liked me very much for running in the marathon. But don't worry, I am not stopping until I qualify for Boston!! I won't give up!!


Thank goodness for family during a time like this. Although this has been a sad time and the whole time we were there, it was very overwhelming. We still found time to laugh and have fun together. My dad would have wanted it that way.

The whole fam and Bob Haaga (dads best friend)

The Beautiful Hoxie Family!

Dad's siblings and Parents (From right: Mary, Kelly, Kathy, Danny, Grandpa and Grandma)

Jason, Uncle Lane, Uncle John and Terrill

Aunt Mary, Mom, My sister Pam, Aunt Kelly

Grandma Barbie and Grandpa Bud

Mom and Baby Hudson

Aunt Krista and John playing with Baby Hudson

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