Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Road Trip Day #2 - SLC with the Family

Terrill and I had a nice stay in Elko and were up at the crack of dawn driving again! Yah!!! We arrived in Salt Lake around 11:00, where we stopped at the Primary Children's Hospital to see my Sis, Hudson and Tessa. (the reason why they were at the hospital was because one of Jason's sisters kids accidentally took some of her brothers strong liquid sleeping medication and had to be helicoptered to the hospital! Luckily she is doing well and will go home soon) My sister had been in Utah visiting my mom over the weekend and was planning on leaving early this morning with her sister and mother-in-law. On the way out of town they stopped at the hospital this morning but my Sister couldn't bring her kids into the ICU so she had to just hang out in the car. Fortunately, we were able to stop and hang out with them for about 45 minutes in the parking lot at the Primary Children's Hospital!! The pics below were taken at the top floor of the parking garage at the hospital.

We arrived to my Moms house around 12:30. She had to work until about 2:30 so I decided to go running of course. I did the temple run which is basically about 2 miles of straight uphill to the bountiful temple and then back down. It was about 95 degrees and I thought I was going to die but it was fun!!

When my mom and brother got home, my mom made a wonderful dinner! It was delicious and was one of the last homemade meals Terrill and I will get in a while! WE then went to seven 11 and got Icee's and visited my Dad's grave. It is so nice to be able to stop here tonight and not have to stay in a hotel. Thanks mom!!!

Tomorrow we are doing the longest part of our trip. We will end up in Des Moines, Iowa!!

Road Trip Day #1 - No Room in the Inn

At 3:00 today Terrill and I started our Journey to the east coast. I can't tell you how great it feels to be done with my project at work here and starting off fresh and new on the east coast. I love new adventures! We packed up our car with all of our stuff, and realized we were bringing a lot more stuff then we thought. But Terrill worked his magic and made everything fit.

We drove through Sacramento and then through Tahoe and talked about how we will miss going to Incline Village with Terrill's family. We then were in Reno and stopped one last time at In N Out Burger...yummy! The rest of the trip was filled with the excitement of reading a book together and doing Soduko puzzles.

Now we are in the bustling town of Elko, NV. My genius mind thought it no big deal to not book the hotel here ahead of time, wow was I wrong! We first stopped at an Inn and quickly learned they had no vacancy. Then we stopped at the Holiday Inn express (no vacancy), then the Hilton (no vacancy!!) , so now we are staying at the Red Lion Inn and Casino. I am not used to all the bright flashing lights this late at night!! Luckily the room is great, and it will fit our needs for a good nights sleep (hopefully!)

At the beginning of our journey, It is hard to see but the back seat is filled!

Tahoe... and yes this is the best I could do in a moving car... it really doesn't do it justice

Somewhere in the middle of Nevada :)

Now what kind of quality are you thinking? Who would have thought a place like this would have rooms like this (for only $90 bucks a night!):

We will be on our way to Salt Lake tomorrow to spend some time with my mom and brother.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bonfire and BBQ

Last weekend (June 18th and 19th) we got together with some friends and family before we headed out to the east coast. We of course had to spend time with Amy and Jeff. They are our good friends. I have been friends with Amy since 7th grade and she is the best running buddy ever!! We went to Beer Can beach in Aptos and had a bonfire. We roasted marshmallows and sat around the fire. It was really freezing outside but once the fire started it up it got loads warmer!!

Amy, Alice, Kyle

Our last long run together before we move...I will miss you Amy!!!

Last Saturday we had my sister and her family over and my Grandparents too! We had a BBQ down by the pool and hung out. It was a lot of fun! I made Challah bread and Terrill did the was yummy!

Hudson you better not grow while I am gone...I love you baby!



Seattle / Bellevue

On June 10th Terrill, Laurie and I flew up to Seattle to spend the weekend with Rudy. It was a lot of fun! We were able to see the sights and at the same time spend time with Terrill's Parents. Some of the activities we did were going to the Space Needle, Pike's Market, Dinner by the ocean, Shopping, Boeing Museum, Hanging out the in the apartment, going on nice drives and eating yummy food!

I had a huge project due for work so unfortunately I had to spend some of the weekend doing that. But luckily everyone was very flexible so it worked out...thanks everyone! Terrill and I really appreciate Laurie and Rudy for showing us the sites and planning so many fun things! We had a blast and Washington is really beautiful.

On the first day we visited the Boeing Facility and then went to dinner by the beach. (I forget what it was called) We also went to this awesome waterfall that gives off large amounts of mist. It was awesome!

Laurie and Rudy

The Mists are Beautiful! (and wet!)

The second day (Saturday) we spent at Pikes Market and the Space needle. Both were so fun. What I thought was fun about pikes market were all the different things for sale. There was a lot of interesting food, like flavored olive oil, jams, nuts and honey. The Space needle had incredible views and interesting history of the area.

Pikes Market

I forgot to mention that Terrill and Rudy went shooting. Later that night we also went bowling as well.

"What? Getting strikes are so easy"

Please note the score...ha!

Terrill Working in Chicago

Terrill has been on a project for a few weeks in Chicago. He flys out on Monday mornings and comes home on Thursday nights. The project is supposed to last 10 weeks. I miss him a lot during the week, but am grateful he has a good job! When talking with him, here are a few of his likes and dislikes about working there:

  • Nice views from the office
  • Cool lightening storms
  • Deep dish pizza
  • Running on Navy Pier
  • Learning new things on the project

  • Misses me
  • Really humid
  • Airport is far away from downtown
  • No waves on the lake

John's Graduation / George & Jackies Wedding

On June brother graduated from High School!! Can you believe it?? I can't. Just a little while ago he was a little boy I loved to he is six feet and I don't mess with him...haha! He graduated on Friday. The ceremony was short and sweet just the way I like it!! Then after that Terrill, me, my sister and my mom all helped volunteer for my brothers grad night!! IT was so fun and it made me very grateful that I wasn't in highschool anymore..haha! Terrill had to leave the next morning (Saturday) to go to George and Jackie's wedding. I stayed in Utah and helped my family with my brothers party and spend time with everyone. Overall the weekend was great for both Terrill and I.

Pics of Johns Graduation!

You did it John!!

Volunteering at Grad night and having fun acting like teenagers again. The volunteers kept thinking we were high school students, it was hilarious!

John - you are such a wonderful brother! You impress me with everything you manage to accomplish. I love that you are full of life. You have a great sense of humor and are fun to be around! I know you will accomplish so many wonderful things!!

Jackie and Georges Wedding:
I wasn't able to go :( but Terrill had a lot of fun so I am going to post some pics!

The happy couple! :) Jackie was a beautiful bride!

Laurie, George, Rudy and Terrill