Sunday, September 9, 2012

Garden Harvest - September 7, 2012

It may seem small, but a couple of days ago I made deli sandwiches for us and went out to garden and picked some fresh lettuce and basil to put in the sandwiches.  It was heavenly and it made it ten times more fun because it was from OUR garden!!!

Painting the Dining Room - Before & After - September 3, 2012

We painted our dining room, it went pretty fast and Terrill and I enjoyed doing it together!

Mystery Spot - September 3, 2012

On Labor Day,  Terrill and I decided to go to the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz.  It is such a touristy thing to do being from there, but he had never gone and I had fond memories of going with my Dad when I was younger so we thought it would be fun!! Well, it was really fun and the drive was beautiful.  After that, we headed out to lunch to celebrate some recent achievements Terrill has had at work.  The whole day was a blast.  We ended the day with painting our dining room.  I love my little family and the time we get to spend together, and I am so proud of Terrill for being awesome at what he does!!