Friday, January 28, 2011

The Seasons of Langhorne


The snow here is BEAUTIFUL! Minus having to drive in it, it isn't all that bad. A few days ago it snowed about 15 inches and the pictures below are the result of it. Terrill got to leave work in D.C. early so we went out and took a walk and played in the snow. This weather is also another reason why I have taken so long to update the blog, we have stayed inside the month of January!!!

This is what I woke up to on Thursday morning. It took me a good 25 minutes to uncover the car.


The Fall here is even more BEAUTIFUL than the snow. I loved watching all the leaves change colors. We took a lot of the pictures below at a park near us when we were out for a walk. It makes you grateful for all of the creations Heavenly Father has made for us.

This is at our Apartment Complex

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 New Year Resolutions Completed!

Generally speaking, I set New Year Resolutions and then forget about them for the last half of the year. This past year, I made a conscious effort to not do that so I wanted to document my progress. The following were my resolutions and I am excited to set new ones for this coming year! I found the key of setting resolutions for myself, is to keep it simple!

  • Read 5 books - This was so much fun! I have found a love of reading...! I exceeded my goal because I found it to be so relaxing and fun. Here was my list I completed: Beloved Emma, Joseph Smith the Prophet, Stolen Innocence, Honolulu, Molokai, The Last Song, I saw Heaven, The Rainmaker (still in process)
  • Give 1 Book of Mormon Away - Doing something like this is really hard for me, so I am hoping to continue to build courage in this respect, but I accomplished my goal and I hope the individual I shared this with will benefit from that book as much as I have.
  • Set bi-weekly goals - This one was one that I didn't do consistantly, but when I did, I found that setting little goals each week helped me to stay more on track in my life. This one still needs improving!
  • Read my scriptures before church on Sunday rather than after - I feel like this one helped me to stay more focused and feel the spirit stronger in church.
  • Run 1 Marathon - I ran the Ogden Marathon in 3:45 hours. It was the hardest one that I ran because Dad passed away 8 days prior too. I did my best to not let my emotions get the better of me, but my sister and I ran it for Dad. I persevered through it, but didn't qualify for Boston. I have decided I like running 1/2 marathons better. I think my body likes that better!
Bring on 2011!!

Christmas In New York 12-10-10

The weekend before we went out to California for Christmas, Terrill and I enjoyed a weekend in New York. We took the train in from Trenton on Friday night and walked around the Rockefeller center. The next morning we headed to the temple. We had planned on seeing a Broadway play but the line was 3 hours long at time square was so our plans changed. Instead of going to a show we walked all around Central Park. It was a beautiful day and the park was so much fun to see! It was nice because random strangers kept offering to take pictures of us, because they would see how we were struggling to get the right shot of the two of us by ourselves. We were grateful for the kindness of those strangers!

The view from our Hotel.