Friday, August 29, 2014

St. George Family Reunion and Utah Trip

The first 2 weeks of August were spent in Utah visiting with my family.  The first week we were in St. George UT.  My family and I rented a house in Hurricane.  It was just beautiful and perfect for our needs! It had a pool in the back yard which kept the kids entertained at all times.  Along with relaxing at the house.  We spent some time in St George at a children's museum and Brigham Young's home.  We spent one day in Zion's.  Which truly is breathtaking.  We did the walk up to the Narrow's where the kids could play in the river at the end.  We also saw my dad's cousin Annie and they hosted us for dinner which was so yummy!  The whole week was a lot of fun.  Terrill flew home at the end of the week and I was on my own after that!  I drove home with my sister to her house in Logan.  It was so fun to hang out and be in her home.  We went to the zoo and the heritage farm.  Mason had a blast with his cousin Hudson.  Tessa was also a huge help with the baby.  After my sisters, the kids and I headed to my moms house where we just relaxed.  It was so nice!  We also spent the day at the Hogle Zoo.  Then it was time for us to fly home.  Both kids did amazingly but I was so excited to be home and see Terrill!!!  It was a good test for me to be alone with both kiddos.  I think I survived :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Madison 2 months old!

Madison is 2 months old today!! We love her to pieces and she is such a good baby! She pretty much sleeps through the night and just wakes up once around 4:30 or 5:30, sometimes even 6:30.  It's amazing to have a newborn that sleeps! I couldn't be more blessed.  She had to get shots yesterday and screamed, but quickly stopped and pretty much has been fine ever since.  This past month she learned to smile and giggle.  She is also ticklish too!  I love watching her grow up.  

Weight: 12lbs (74%)
Height: 23 inches (80%)