Tuesday, April 12, 2016

January - Cousins and Hikes

The month of January was beautiful here as it rained and rained.  In between the rain we tried to be outside as much as possible!!  There is a hike off of Morgan drive right by where we live and the kids and I love to go hiking there.  Everything is green as can be right now too which makes it even more beautiful!!  We also hosted a cousin movie night in January.  We made homemade pizza and watched a movie and popped popcorn.  It was a blast and I loved spending time with all of them.  

Tahoe in November 2015

In November, during the weekend before Thanksgiving, our family took a trip to Tahoe and Jen and Abby joined us for part of it! It was a lot of fun and then my Brother and Will Cox joined us too.  We did a lot of fun things and enjoyed the comfort of the cabin as well.  We love Tahoe and the beautiful get away it has been over the years.  We went to a children's museum in Truckee, walked near the shore, made yummy food, took the kids for a walk and enjoyed each other's company!!  

Saturday, April 9, 2016

I am 30 - time to celebrate!!!

In October I turned 30!!! It was an awesome birthday, but one more thing would have to make it complete....a girls night in the city!! My friends and I enjoyed a tour of Ripley's Believe it or Not, dinner on the wharf and a walk around Ghirardelli square! It was a ton of fun and such a nice break from every day life.  I think I might have to do this every year ;)

Playing Catch up - December Activities

It's time for me to play a little catch up before I get too far into 2016!! Back in December we were able to do a lot of fun and fulfilling things as a family.  Each year on the first weekend in December we try to take the kids up to the temple to set our sites on what Christmas is really all about.  We bring hot chocolate and enjoy the beautiful lights.  This time we invited friends along.

A few other things we enjoyed were our ward Christmas party, Christmas themed music makers and seeing the tree lighting in San Ramon.  My mom came for Christmas this year which was really nice and we celebrated Christmas eve with the Wolf's.  While my mom was here, we went and looked at local Christmas lights and did puzzles.  It was so much fun! A tradition we started with Mason was the Elf on the Shelf.  He LOVED it and is still talks about how he dreams about Frank (that's what we named our Elf).   

Christmas is a wonderful time to reflect on the Savior and his love for us.  I still can't imagine what he suffered for us.  I really don't get it.  It makes me so grateful for my many blessings.  I have 2 beautiful, healthy children and a husband who I love more today than the day we got married.  I really have felt the Lord's hand in my life and I am so grateful for that.