Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One Year Anniversary!!!

Our 1st anniversary was the best ever!! I woke up extra early that morning and made Terrills favorite breakfast (bisquick coffee cake and eggs). Then we went to the temple bright and early. That part was special to me because that is the place we were married! After the temple we got ready to go to Great America (an amusement park). Each year lockheed rents out the whole park for a day and it just happed to fall on our anniversary. We invited Jen and James (Terrill' sister) to come with us and we had a blast. We were glad they were able to come with us! We got tired pretty fast but the weather was beautiful. After we returned home, we both got ready to go to our nice dinner at the Shadow Brook in Santa Cruz. It is this beautiful restaurant down by the soquel river that runs into the ocean. We sat right next to the was so romantic!! haha :) It was fun to get all dressed up and go out somewhere kind of fancy. Thanks Terrill for making that day so special, I love you sooo much!

Terrill made got a bunch of pics of all the things we had done in our first year and got it framed

These very brave three when on the "drop zone" I said no thanks to that so I took a nice picture of them!!

Yikes! I love roller coasters but this is one that I won't go on!

Waiting on the log ride...thanks Jen for making this picture extra special!

All dressed up for dinner!

I love this picture of Terrill, can you tell he loves his chocolate dessert - don't mistake him for a redneck! :)

Playing with the camera

Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby Shower for Amy

Suzanne and I decided to throw a baby shower for Amy (a friend from my ward). Might I say that thanks to Suzannes creativity - it turned out great! She definetely knows how to throw a good party. There were about 15-20 people from the ward there! I hope you had fun Amy :)

A book from her sis!

Chatting and eating

The set up

Aren't they cute!

Yummy food

These were baby rattle cupcakes

Amanda's Visit

My best friend in the whole wide world was in town for the weekend of March 12th - 15th. She stayed with us on Friday night and we had so much fun. We had dinner and then just talked like old times and about the new little addition to her family. It is going to be a boy. I am so excited and happy for her! There is something about having a best friend were you can just laugh about the stupidest things and have so much fun! Here are some pics from that weekend.

At her Baby Shower
Look at the awesome gifts
cute pregnant belly

I love my nephew hudson - he makes me smile all the time!
Opening presents
eating yummy food
The morning of the shower...clearly I am still waking up!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Vacation in Tahoe (Feb 2010)

Terrill and I took a week off in February to head up to Tahoe and enjoy a relaxing week playing games, swimming, snowboarding, being with friends and eating great food! It was so nice to get away and have the time together. I took the GMAT the Sat we left and was sooo relieved to have it over. Terrill has been really busy with work and we just needed a break. Now it is over and I am ready for another break! haha :) but we are very grateful for the fun time we had.

Getting ready to go was sooo warm outside
Dana trying to catch a snowflake on her tongue
The whole gang: Terrill and Emily, Jeff and Amy, Layton and Dana
Taking a breather

We got to go to the Reno temple and do a session, it was so nice and relaxing.
Terrill sledding
Beautiful sunset
Terrill trying to beat me at scrabble...haha! I think he eneded up winning :(
Finally on vacation!

The Holiday's

Burning our Christmas Tree...haha!

Making Pizza with Friends from work

Unfortunately this was a common position for me
the first day on the slopes....sigh

We found a giant Igloo
New hiking boots for T