Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Today Amy came over and we decorated sugar cookies.  It was so much fun, I felt like I was in elementary school again.  We decorated the cookies with orange frosting and in my attempt to make black frosting, it came out army green...awesome.  So let's just say they were unique.  Happy Halloween!

P.S. Please don't judge my overly large figure...being 9 months pregnant will do that to a girl!

Birthday Fun!

Terrill and I celebrated our birthday's this past week.

Here are the events of Terrill's Birthday: 1. Decorating the apartment with birthday decorations, 2. Breakfast in bed (cinnamon rolls, sausage, hot chocolate, orange juice and bananas), 3. Opening presents, 4. Working all day, 5. Steak Dinner, 6. Spending 2 hours at Coldstone talking, laughing and enjoying each others company.

My Birthday went like this: 1. Woke up at 4 am feeling crampy and sick, 2. Terrill making breakfast in bed that I couldn't eat because I felt so sick :(, 3. Opening presents, 4. Playing games and eating my breakfast throughout the morning, 5. Going to Church, 6. Having dinner with my sister and her family. 7. Eating a delicious cake that Terrill made for me! It was honestly one of the best birthdays yet.  Terrill treated me like a princess the whole day, it was soo awesome and I am one lucky girl!!



Thursday, October 27, 2011

Maternity Pictures - 35 Weeks

My sister took my maternity pictures when I was about 35 weeks along. I was thrilled with the way they turned out and I am grateful she took the time out of her crazy life to do them for me!  For more information about her sessions you can visit  With only 13 days to go until the due date of our little guy, we are just so excited to meet him!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Baby Nursery

I AM NOT a crafty person, but the past two days I have certainly tried to expand these skills! Thanks to my beautiful sister, we were able to complete a bunch of fun projects for the babies room.  Honestly, my sis deserves the credit.  She helped me come up with the decorating ideas and pick the fabric.  She helped me sew, stuff and glue.  She was so awesome to take this opportunity to help me when she has a young  and busy family of her own.  Love you sis.  Below are the fruits of our labors!!! I am very happy with the outcome!



Mom Visits Sept 2011

My mom is AWESOME! She came to visit for my baby shower in September and it was so good to see her.  I feel like appreciate her more now that I am pregnant because I can't believe she had to go through this to have me! I am sure the appreciation will continue on as I raise my kids. Thanks mom for all the MAJOR sacrifices you made for me growing up and now - LOVE YOU!

Tahoe Sept 2011

Wow! It has been a really long time since I have blogged!  In September we took a fun trip to Tahoe with the Wolf's.  It was so relaxing and fun.  The trip included going into Reno and grabbing dinner, shopping for a few baby items (so fun!), going on a beautiful hike to an old abandoned house, napping, going to Jason's for dinner and then sleeping in before church.  Terrill also took the time both Friday and Saturday night to get some cool night pictures with his dad.  I wasn't able to download them all so I picked one that I thought was cool, but I know there were betterones. That will be the last time we go up to Tahoe before the baby comes! Next time we go up, there will be 3 people in our family instead of 2.  We are so excited!