Monday, March 9, 2015

Beach day in March!

So for the past few weeks, it seems that all we do on our Saturdays is stay at home and get things done.  It was time to switch it up!!! I thought since the weather was supposed to be perfect this weekend that we should head to the beach.  We invited 2 other families that could come too.  We went to 26th ave and then to Pizza my Heart afterwards.  The whole day was absolutely perfect.  Seriously, it was so relaxing and I got to take a dip in the ocean (heaven!).  I so miss living close to the beach BUT I am grateful we live close enough where I can visit often!

Madison 9 months

Madison is 9 months! She is growing up so fast and I really can't believe it.  She is a really good baby unless I am not in the room or close to her.  She loves her mama!!  She has 2 teeth, sleeps 12 hours consistently at night, loves watching everything her brother does, plays with her toys, eats mostly table food, loves water, and is starting to maybe start to crawl.  She can get on all fours but just pivots herself everywhere on her bum.  It's pretty cute.  She also still has yet to roll from her back to her stomach.  We are so grateful that she is a healthy, happy baby.  What more could we ask for!!!

Height: 29 inches; 91%
Weight: 19.4 lbs; 71%

Monarch Butterflies

Over the Christmas break we took some time to see the butterflies in Santa Cruz, play on the beach and go out to dinner with Terrill's family.  The whole day was so much fun and we got some amazing pictures.  Be prepared for picture overload!!!