Monday, August 27, 2012


On the weekend of August 5th, we drove down to Pismo to spend time with some of our extended family.  My mom also flew in for the weekend to go with us.  It was really a lot of fun!!  This was family we hadn't seen in a really long time, but they couldn't have been more kind and welcoming.  It was a pretty short trip, but we got a lot in!  We watched the sunset on the beach, sat around the campfire, went running, went to the outlets and went to a really cute farm/market.   The only negative side was that the hotel we stayed in was super nasty.  We won't ever stay there again!! At least it was only a place to stay! haha.  

The whole Gang

Cousin Joann, Grammy and Mom

Jessica and Leah

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mason's 9 Month Stats

We had his 9 month check up yesterday which was pretty uneventful.  Here are his stats.  He is doing great!!

Height: 28 3/4 Inches - 57%
Weight: 18lbs 2oz - 21%

Date at Boomers

While we waited for our new house to become available we stayed with the Wolf's.  We were just so grateful for a place to stay and that they were willing to let us stay with them!! We also got spoiled while we were there because Terrill and I were able to go out a few times by ourselves.  We went on a date to boomers which is where we had our very first day so it was fun :)

Tahoe - 4th of July

This summer we spent the week of 4th of July with the Wolf family.  We had a blast spending time together and playing on the lake.  The whole family was together for part of the trip that was really fun too.  We spent most of the time playing on the beach and boat.  We also watched the fireworks, played with kids, went to Sushi, did crafts and just hung out.  The whole trip was a lot of fun!!