Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beach Day

With all this beautiful weather we have here, I can't help but want to be at the beach all the time!! I do have to say that going with a baby is much different but still really fun!! I went with my good friend Joelle and her baby Claire.  We decided to go to Capitola so that we could get something to eat as well.  I think next time we will go to a more secluded beach because there were sooo many people there!!

Lots of Catch Up!! - Easter & Utah

I have been totally behind in my blogging but it is time to get back in the swing of things!! For Easter, I went to Utah with Mason and Terrill hung out with his family.  But we also celebrated with the Wolf's the day before we left so that was great!! We decorated Easter eggs and took lots of pictures and had a great time.

When I was in Utah I got to see a lot of family and friends as always.  I spent quality time with my mom.  She taught me how to sew a baby sleeper!  I felt so accomplished.  My mom is such a talented seamstress and I want to learn as much as I can from her! We also made dinner together and went to a pioneer museum downtown Salt Lake.  The whole trip was great.  Unfortunately she got sick the last day we were there so that was no fun!! The baby did great on both flights and for that I am sooo thankful!

*I will add more pics later.  For some reason they aren't in the right format to add to blogger :(