Sunday, February 26, 2012

Date Night on the Deck

On Saturday, we put the little one to sleep and decided to 'get out of the house' and cook up some tin foil dinners and roast marshmallows on our BBQ Terrill got for Christmas.  It was so much fun and the weather was perfect!!

Tahoe in February

On February 16th we headed up to Tahoe to spend the weekend with Terrill's family.  Mason was a champ in the car and we stopped at one of our favorite places to eat along the way, Islands.  The weekend consisted of hanging out with family, mason giggling only for Grandma and Grandpa (what the heck!), eating yummy food, relaxing, going to the rec center (on a date!), eating sushi and an adventurous sledding experience.  Needless to say we had a blast! Terrill came back from the trip looking slightly different than when we got there.  He had a brief run-in with a tree at the bottom of the sledding run. What a guy.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

On Valentines day we decided to do a little family photo shoot.  While the poses are kind of boring and normal, we had a ton of fun snapping these shots.  Mason for some reason thought the ducks were really funny so that is how we got him to smile.  He is really giggling in all if these.  We hope everyone had a great Valentines day!

We tried to get him to look but it obviously didn't work.

Mason 3 Months

Mason is now 3 months.  I can't really say my baby is growing up so fast because he is only 3 months but it totally feels that way!! It is so fun to just be his mom.  I have officially quit my job to be at home with him and it just feels so right to do this.  He is the best little boy and we have fun together!  

Utah Week 2 & 3

Like the 1st week of our trip.  The last 2 weeks were blast! We decided to give baby Mason his first hair cut.  His hair was out of control! Terrill took a bunch of really great pictures of the action.  Mason pretty much just looked around and hung out while we cut his hair.  He is such a good baby!  He also started pretty much sleeping through the night.  He wakes up pretty consistently at 5:30 in the morning.  I love it! I got to see so many friends and spend a lot of time with my mom.  Terrill and I went on a date every weekend.  It was so nice! 


After - way better!

This picture was taken while we were playing Rummikub on a Sunday afternoon.  We played that a ton on this trip. 

It snowed and was super beautiful! (From inside)

We made a cake in remembrance of my Dad's Birthday

Me and Sunshine

Amanda and her cute preggo belly!

Me and Caitlin

Beautiful Mom