Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Road Trip Day #1 - No Room in the Inn

At 3:00 today Terrill and I started our Journey to the east coast. I can't tell you how great it feels to be done with my project at work here and starting off fresh and new on the east coast. I love new adventures! We packed up our car with all of our stuff, and realized we were bringing a lot more stuff then we thought. But Terrill worked his magic and made everything fit.

We drove through Sacramento and then through Tahoe and talked about how we will miss going to Incline Village with Terrill's family. We then were in Reno and stopped one last time at In N Out Burger...yummy! The rest of the trip was filled with the excitement of reading a book together and doing Soduko puzzles.

Now we are in the bustling town of Elko, NV. My genius mind thought it no big deal to not book the hotel here ahead of time, wow was I wrong! We first stopped at an Inn and quickly learned they had no vacancy. Then we stopped at the Holiday Inn express (no vacancy), then the Hilton (no vacancy!!) , so now we are staying at the Red Lion Inn and Casino. I am not used to all the bright flashing lights this late at night!! Luckily the room is great, and it will fit our needs for a good nights sleep (hopefully!)

At the beginning of our journey, It is hard to see but the back seat is filled!

Tahoe... and yes this is the best I could do in a moving car... it really doesn't do it justice

Somewhere in the middle of Nevada :)

Now what kind of quality are you thinking? Who would have thought a place like this would have rooms like this (for only $90 bucks a night!):

We will be on our way to Salt Lake tomorrow to spend some time with my mom and brother.

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