Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Overnight baby moon in Capitola

We got to take 24 hours and getaway without the kids for a night!! Tiffany and I swapped so they took our kids in October and then we took their kids at the beginning of December.  Terrill and I decided to spend the night in Capitola.  On our way down we stopped for dinner in Los Gatos at a nice pizza place.  Then we headed to the beach to grab some ice cream and walk around.  On Saturday we had a yummy breakfast at the hotel, walked down to the beach and enjoyed some quality time together.  It's always nice to reconnect and feel like we are dating again!!  Tiffany survived with our kids (Maddy was kind of naughty) and all in all everything worked out.  We are grateful to live close to family and have our kids grow up near some of their cousins!!

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