Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Baby Bump #3

I wasn't as diligent at taking photos this pregnancy because well....I was bigger than the other two and I didn't want to have to see that! haha.  Now that it's over and life has moved onward, I can share all about it.  I gained 24 lbs with this pregnancy and measured small until the end.  Besides feeling tired, huge (at the end) and having minor aches and pains the pregnancy went really well! I mean don't get me wrong, I don't like being pregnant one bit and now that it's over I don't want to forget that so when I feel yucky with my next pregnancy I can look back and know that I felt yucky with this one.  My discomfort of feeling big with this one started much earlier.  Like around 25 weeks.  I gained most of my weight in the beginning.  At my first check up I had gained 8 lbs already!! By the halfway point I had gained about 18lbs so I was really scared that I was going to go crazy with the weight gain but I didn't and it all worked out...phew!

In the first trimester I felt good for the most part and my nausea wasn't that bad (hallelujah!). I was tired and moody but that was about it.  I ran/exercised throughout he whole pregnancy. I think the last time I did a TRX workout was around 36 weeks and I could do a light jog until like 4 days before I delivered. (towards the end I switch to a jog/walk).  

I feel so grateful to have our baby now and that I have been able to do this pregnancy thing 3 times!! I am feeling accomplished over here...haha

BTW - why is every pregnancy shirt I have have stripes?? Yuck and yuck - haha

28 Weeks

35 Weeks

36 Weeks

39 Weeks

Almost full term! 

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