Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Madison's Visitors

The first 6 weeks of Madison's life have been so busy and wonderful.  We have had a ton of visitors.  My mom came for 6 days about a week after she was born.  Terrill's whole family came to the hospital to visit.  My sister came when she was 2 weeks old for a weekend.  My brother was here all last week.  Her great grandmother and great aunts all came to visit as well!  Plus we have had friends come to see her and countless dinners and gifts. Everyone has given us so much service while they have stayed at our house.  Anything from making meals, doing laundry and letting me sleep! My heart it so full.  We have felt so loved during this whole time and so well taken care of.  We are grateful to the Lord for the many blessings that have been given to us during this time!

Once we were home, we had even more visitors!! Madison has gotten lots of loves since she has been born!

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