Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Father's Day 2014

What can I say, I am one lucky girl.  I am married to Terrill!!  He is such an amazing father and now that we have two kids, he has filled the role of father so naturally.  I remember how nervous he was before Mason was born 3 years ago.  He wasn't sure he was ready to become a father, yet the minute Mason was born he did such an incredible job.  I always knew he would be an amazing dad!!  Here are some reasons why I think Terrill is wonderful father:  He.... loves both kiddos unconditionally, is consistent with disciplining, plays with Mason for hours and seems to love it, encourages good behavior, smiles when he gets woken up by Mason (that's true love), is always willing to help me wether it be holding Madison or helping with dinner or changing a diaper - he is just on top of it and is a worthy priesthood holder who sets an excellent example to our family.  We love you Terrill/Daddy!!!

We also celebrated father's day at the Wolf's the night before and then with my Grandparents on Father's day.  At the Wolf's we had a delicious dinner and swam.  It was a blast.  Rudy is such an amazing father to Terrill and they have a wonderful relationship that I really admire.  I know Terrill really values all the time spent with his father and always loves hearing his advice about work, family and finances.  We are so grateful for you Rudy and for the wonderful Grandfather you are to our children too! We love you!

On Sunday my grandparents came over and we had a BBQ and enjoyed each other's company.  We always love when they come up and spend time with us!

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