Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Madison 1 Month Old

Madison is 1 month old! And we call her our little screamer.  She makes the cutest noises and does these really dainty screams.  Honestly, it is so cute.  She is the best sleeper ever!! She sleeps until about 4 in the morning every night.  It just doesn't seem right for a newborn to be that way, but I will take it! It has allowed me to get back into the swing of things faster than I did with Mason.  She loves to be swaddled, held and is starting to smile.  She is as healthy as can be is and is starting to get a little chub!

one month stats:
Weight - 9lbs 15oz; (71%)
Height - 22 1/4 inches; (94%)
Head - 14 1/2 Centimeters; (52%)

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