Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Peach Picking in July

On Saturday we decided to head out to Brentwood and do some peach picking.  We decided on Wolfe ranch because they had the best price at only .90 cents a lb!  The peaches were HUGE and ripe.  Mason had fun pulling the wagon and running around.  He also helped Terrill pick some peaches.  Madison enjoyed it too because she was nestled in close in the Ergo.  She slept the whole time.  We ended up with 40 lbs of peaches.  I canned 12 quarts worth and made 12 half pints of jam as well.  I actually went back to the ranch yesterday and picked up 35 more pounds.  I am freezing all of those.  The peaches this year are so yummy so I figure I better stock up!  After we picked peaches on Saturday we headed over to Eric's deli for some delicious sandwiches!  Overall a really fun family outing.

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