Thursday, July 1, 2010

Road Trip Day #3 - Somewhere in Middle America

Today consisted of driving, sleeping, eating, reading and admiring the landscape. We drove 1,089 miles from Salt Lake to Des Moines passing through Omaha for those Counting Crows fans. We started at 5:15 AM and arrived at Wells Bed and Breakfast at 10:30 PM.

Highlights of the day include:
  1. Driving along with thousands of bugs hitting our car. The we heard a loud splat, only to see a florescent green fire fly smashed into our windshield, yet still continuing to glow!
  2. Seeing the Beautiful scenery in Wyoming.
  3. Although we have heard mostly negative things about the landscape of the state of Nebraska - it was beautiful!!
  4. Eating breakfast at Subway (surprisingly they have really yummy breakfast & low in calories!!)
  5. Having the chance to relax with each other by just driving, sleeping and reading.
  6. Passing through the birth place of John Wayne. (one of the few anti communist in Hollywood)




Tomorrow we are on our way to Nauvoo and then Chicago!!

1 comment:

  1. VERY glad to see you are travelling safe and sound! Thanks for the blog... it is nice to be able to follow your travels! Enjoy Nauvoo - it should be terrific.

    Love you guys - be safe.