Sunday, July 4, 2010

Road Trip Day #6 - We have arrived!!!

We are here...I really can't believe it! 6 days of driving, site seeing and having a ton of fun! It has really been a great trip and Terrill was wonderful with all the driving he did! Thanks!!! This morning we headed out to Niagara Falls which was beautiful. Although, I will have to say that I think the Canada side has a much better view!

There is a constant rainbow by the falls. Also, the other side with all of the buildings in Canada.

Then we were on our way to Palmyra. We stopped at a ward there for sacrament meeting and then headed out to the church sites. The sites that are there are the Smith family farm, the Sacred Grove, Hill Cumorah, and the original printing shop of the Book of Mormon. I think these sites were my most favorite of all of the church sites I have seen. It was so peaceful and beautiful. The spirit was very strong. It amazes me at what small living quarters they lived in back then. The Smith's had 9 kids with only 2 bedrooms for all of the kids. When Joseph saw the vision with Angel Moroni, it was in the room where is 4 other brothers slept! I had no idea! The farm is on a 100 acres of woods, orchards and groomed land. It was truly breathtaking! The Sacred grove was so peaceful and quiet. The spirit was strong as we tried to picture the boy Joseph kneeling in humble prayer and having Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appear to him. After we finished walking through the Grove, we drove to the Hill Cumorah where Joseph obtained the plates from Angel Moroni. It was beautiful. After this we headed out to the printing shop where the first editions of the Book of Mormon were published. This was so fascinating. It took 50 days to complete one Book of Mormon and cost $1.75 which was two days worth of wages back then. It took 12 women to bind the book. The print shop still had original flooring. Unfortunately I totally forgot to bring in the camera so I have no pics of the print shop :(

Beautiful Sacred Grove

The Smith's Farmland

This fire place is where Joseph hid the gold plates from the mobs...this home still had original flooring and walls. The fireplace was also original.

Palmyra Temple - The missionary told us that when you are in the temple you can see the sacred grove from the inside of the temple.

This is Joseph's bedroom where the angel Moroni appeared to him and told him about the gold plates (Book of Mormon)

At the top of Hill Cumorah

We have arrived in our new state!!


  1. I'm glad you made it! It was fun to read about your trip across the U.S.