Saturday, July 10, 2010

New York City

The start of my fun adventure - on the NJ transit train

So Terrill has been on a project in Chicago for a little while and he usually flies out on Monday and comes home Thursday night. Well this week they scheduled a bunch of meetings on Friday so he didn't get home until late last night. Yesterday was my off-Friday and since I don't really know anyone or where anything is, I decided to head out to NYC to see one of my old roommates; Tiffany and her two little kids. It was so nice to see a familiar face!

It was a fun day for me because I took the train in and I hadn't ever really done that before by myself. I always rely on Terrill getting us around. So let's just say I talked to a lot of strangers who helped me know where to go. I took the NJ transit into Penn Station and then the Subway up to her house (1.5 hours). I had to change trains once while in the Subway.

I only got lost once coming back and it ended up being okay because I got a cool pic of New York. There was also a man on the Subway singing profanities about who knows what and I couldn't understand why I was the only one that noticed. People didn't even flinch an eye....okay so I must be a tourist!

Tiff and her cute kids! Emma and Austin

We went to a local park

This is when I got lost and didn't know where I was going. I figured I would take a cool pic of the city.

Overall the day was great! I enjoyed being independent and learning a few things. I loved seeing my old roommate and her kids. She is so awesome, thanks Tiff for having me over and letting me play with you guys!

Since we arrived, Terrill left almost right away for work so I have been alone in our hotel room. Usually I love the free time being able to read and do my thing, but this week I have felt pretty lonely because I am so unfamiliar with everything and don't really know anyone. So I was SO happy that Tiff was available to hang out!


  1. let's just call that my it's-super-hot-outside look. We loved having you visit and are looking forward to a game night.

  2. We'll have to pull something together to go out for dinner or something while Gabe, Sydney and I are out in West Virginia for Thanksgiving. Wish we could have done more while you guys were still here! I am jealous of all the church historical sites you guys got to see!

  3. That would be so awesome! What part of W Virginia will you be in? I would have loved to hang out more too and I want to see that cute baby of yours!!!

  4. Actually I just found out it will be during Christmas so we will be in Martinsburg, West Virginia, right on the border, for two weeks!

  5. Good for you! I remember when I went to NYC with Mr. B. He left for meetings all day and I was a bit nervous to leave the hotel without him. But, once I made the break, I was a woman about town. It was fun!