Monday, June 2, 2014

My Pregnancy

I am really hoping my next post is of Baby Madison's birth.  Today is my due date with her and I wanted to take a minute to document the pregnancy.  It really has been an awesome pregnancy with no complications.  For the most part, I have had energy and very minimal discomfort.  I have gained less weight than I did with Masons and I feel a little smaller too.  I was very nauseous in the first trimester but it was manageable.  I have continued to run/walk throughout the whole pregnancy including this morning! Just if the past week or so have I started to really feel uncomfortable and it is really only bad at night when I am trying to go to sleep and she is kicking me so hard.  I am so grateful for my healthy body and also that baby has been healthy too.  What a blessing!  I also hope that she comes REALLY soon.  We are ready.  The nursery is complete, our bags are packed (except Terrill's) and our house is clean.  So I am going for a long walk tonight and I am going to have my doctor shake things up a bit at my appointment tomorrow!  I feel like having a baby is such a sacred time when a new spirit enters the family.  I know Mason is excited too.  We can't wait for your arrival baby Madison!!

A few days ago my mom sent me this email: "I wanted to tell you that last night when I was saying my prayers, I had the thought that Dad is in the spirit world right now spending special time with his sweet little Maddie telling her all about her Mama.  Dad was always so proud of you kids and I think he's rejoicing over being able to tell Maddie all about you.... we know from my blessing that Jay gave me the day Dad died that he will be teaching and preparing the grandchildren to come to earth."

I know that my dad is helping her get ready to come to earth and thinking of this brings me comfort and of course since I am pregnant I cried and cried when I read this!

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