Friday, May 23, 2014

Mason 2 1/2 Years Old!

So with the babies due date one week away, I really need to update our blog with information about Mason!  He is really such a joy to be around and I LOVE being his mommy.  I wanted to get a few pictures of him at the park today, but honestly he wont ever look at me when I try to take a picture of him.  So pretty much none of these involve him looking into the camera.  Oh-well.

Fun things about him:
- He has gone from calling us Mommy and Daddy to Mom and Dad
- He loves jumping, running and doing somersaults
- When I ask him if he likes something he will say, "I do mom, I really do"
- He can count to 20 and loves counting his toys
- He can play with trucks for hours - by himself
- He loves books and likes to read 'all by himself'
- When he tells us something goofy he will say he is 'just kiddin'
- We think he is going to love being a big brother!
- He asks for Daddy every morning when he wakes up
- He loves to sing any song, but some of his favorites are Old MacDonald and Twinkle Twinkle Little Start
- He loves talking about his owies
- He is still in a crib and hasn't tried to climb out!
- He is getting more independent every day - he can put on and take off some of his pants, clear his dishes, get his own silverware, put on some of his shoes and brush his teeth (not that thoroughly)
- He has such a happy, sweet demeanor and is very compassionate

Some things that might not be that fun:
- When he is frustrated he always resorts to the phrase 'stop it' which we don't like!
- He is starting to fight naps EVERY day
- Still doesn't have much interest in the potty
- He loves to dump out his toys for NO good reason.... ugh


  1. Such a fun stage...he is adorable! Good luck with the delivery and family transition of baby #2...can't wait to hear the news!