Thursday, September 23, 2010

DC Cupcakes!!!

Okay. So I am obsessed with this show on TLC called DC cupcakes and ever since I started watching it I have wanted to try one. Terrill has been on a busines trip in DC off and on over the past few weeks. He surprised me and brought some home to me tonight!!!

Is Terrill an awesome husband. Yes.

Are DC cupcakes actually amazing like they say they are on TV. Yes.

Am I really sad there aren't any new shows of this coming out. Yes.

Is my obsession a little weird. No.

Don't they look delicious!!!


  1. you are too cute! I wanna try..!!! love you oodles...terrill definitely gets husband points for that one!

  2. Okay, so now. . . I want some cupcakes! How are you? Did your mom tell you that we are going to Hawaii sometime. . . . together? We are!

  3. You are not weird at all! When we come back East the two things I want to see are Cake Boss in Hoboken and DC Cupcakes. Hopefully we will make it to both!!