Sunday, October 17, 2010

Running the Baltimore Half Marathon

After weeks and weeks of training, Terrill and I set out to run in our very first half marathon! We left early Friday afternoon so we could arrive in Baltimore to check in, eat a pasta dinner and relax in the hotel the night before.

Weather conditions were very nice, minus the fact that there were 20 mph winds!

This Italian place was really good and had reasonable prices.

The Hotel we stayed in. It was about 10 blocks away from the half-marathon start line.

It was really nice because most of the races I have done, you have to wake up super early in the morning to be at the start line around 5:30AM. Our race didn't start until 9:45AM! So we were able to get a decent nights sleep and stretch really well before we started the race.

The race was so awesome. There was a lot energy at the start line! There were 10,000 runners doing the half marathon. We started at the 13 mile mark of the whole marathon. When we started, there were literally thousands of runners in front of us and thousands of runners behind us. It was a rush! Terrill and I ran the first mile together and then slowly separated.

I was scared before starting because I kept hearing people around me saying that it was the steepest half marathon on the east coast and that there were a ton of hills. I had only trained on hills a little and was a little worried. Another thing as the wind, it was so windy. There were points when we were running up the hills and the wind was just beating down on us. But overall it was so much fun. It was a fun way to see the city and there were people on the streets cheering us on the whole way.

They strongly discouraged headphones, but I didn't really listen to that rule. I waited until mile five when the hills started getting bad I turned up the music really loud and I was in the zone. I kept thinking to myself, I am so glad I am not running the full marathon today. Just thinking that gave me energy! Below are some pics from after the race.

Terrill enjoyed it as well. He said he kept thinking to keep on going even if there were still a lot of miles left. As always he kept a positive attitude!


  1. YAAAY! good job! i'm getting soooo nervous for the marathon i'm running in December! any tips??

  2. Congratulations to you both!! That's great! I can't believe we have been so close to each other and didn't get to see each other! Next time!!

  3. You're awesome sister...a marathon and a half in one're my hero! I love the pics and glad that you had such a great experience!

  4. You guys are amazing! Great job! That's a big deal - I'm not a runner, so anything over a 5k is a HUGE deal! =o) Are you going to train for a full marathon next?