Monday, August 15, 2016

Camping with the Ball Family

We went camping with the Ball family and it was such a blast.  They are adventurous and experienced campers so we learned a lot from them!  We went for walks with the kids, let them swim in the lake and ate delicious food.  The kids had so much fun playing and exploring and being together.  It was a great time and we would love to do it again! We went to Folsom lake.  A few memorable things that happened was Maddie wouldn't fall asleep until about 11:00pm the first night. She was just on a mattress, so no crib and she kept standing up next to the bed and shaking her kids and saying "no no no" as she waved her finger.  If we told her to stop she would scream.  Finally she gave up but oh what a fight she gave!!  Mason was up super early and loved to wake us all up so we spend one of the mornings walking down to lake so that we wouldn't wake up the Ball's.  All in all it was a really fun adventure.  

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