Monday, November 16, 2015

Mason's 4th Birthday

Can I just say that birthdays get way more fun as your kids get older.  This year it was so much fun to surprise Mason with little things on his Birthday!! The night before I decorated his door with crepe paper, made some healthy chocolate muffins for our preschool snack and Terrill wrapped his gifts.  When he woke up he was so excited it was his birthday.  It just so happened that it was my week to teach preschool so I decided that we would sing him happy birthday and play a couple of fun games to honor the birthday boy on his day! He was thrilled.  His face just lit up when all the kids were singing to him.  During preschool Ashley and Laurie dropped off some birthday balloons for him which was so sweet.

In the afternoon he didn't have to do quiet time but we snuggled up on our big chair and we fell asleep was heavenly.  I had been asking him and asking him what he wanted for his birthday dinner and every time I asked it would change.... bottom line is this: Mason doesn't love dinner so all he cared about was the cake.  I can't even remember what we had for dinner that night and it wasn't even a week ago.  Haha!  After dinner we had cake, opened presents and headed to Chuck E. Cheese to play games.  He was so excited all day and he said thank you a lot too which just shows he has a really sweet side to him.

We love him so much and he bring such a bright light to our family.  He is a caring older brother (most of the time) and has endless energy.  Here are some more highlights about our newest 4 year old!!!

- Draws people (a circle with two legs coming out of the head and two arms)
- Can almost write his name (working on the order of the letters!)
- Gets SOOOO excited when Madison wakes up - he can't contain himself and she usually just sits there and watches him in a sleep fog as he bounces up and down
- Puts his shoes on the wrong feet and when I tell him that they are on the wrong feet he says he likes it like that
- HATES it when we have to leave something fun like: preschool, the park, a friends house, grandma and grandpas house...its tough on mom!
- Fully potty trained during the day and night and has been for about 8 months
- He can savor his treats meaning if he has some candy, he won't eat it all and will save some for the next day
- Shares everything with Maddie
- Memorizes books and reads them to Maddie (very recently)
- Learned to ride a bike with training wheels
- Continues to be obsessed with large sticks, swords and weapons in general
- About every other day will randomly tell me I'm beautiful...sigh
- 42 inches tall (85%)
- 37 lbs (60%)
- Plays quietly during an hour of quiet time every day (usually), but in general is excellent at playing alone

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