Thursday, May 14, 2015

Madison is 11 Months and Mason is 3.5 years!

Time is just flying by with two kiddos but I am kind of loving the age that both kids are at right now.  Madison is more independent as far playing by herself (as long as Mason is near).  Here are some of her recent milestones:

- Eats only solid foods (no more baby food), unless we are out and she has a squeezy
- Crawls everywhere and is cruising along furniture
- Says 'hi' when she waves
- Can babysign 'all done'
- Takes 2 naps a day
- Sleeps twelve hours at night
- Hits people when she doesn't want something (working on this)
- Isn't okay with me showering in the morning (she kind of cries the whole time)
- Loves being with Mason and he keeps her entertained too
- Blow's kisses
- Insists on taking her shoes and bows off
- LOVEs her daddy and usually prefers him over me
- Generous with giving loves to everyone

I am grateful to be her mama.

evidence that she won't keep shoes on

blowing kisses

clapping for herself

Mr. Mason Man

There is so much to say about this fun loving, smiley kid of ours.  He pretty much wakes up with a smile and keeps us laughing with his goofy antics! Here is what is going on with this guy: 

- 3.5 years old
- potty trained through the night - yippee!!
- loves to start conversation, here are some of his conversation starters: "What was the best part of your day?", "Did you have any dreams?", "How did you sleep last night?" Seriously, it's the cutest thing when he does this!
- It's a battle every morning to get him to go to the bathroom when he wakes up in the morning.
- He is horrible at eating his meals, but mostly dinner - it's a battle EVERY night.  Maybe some day it won't be.
- He loves us reading to him.  We just started reading little chapter books and he loves just listening to the story.
- This past Sunday was the mothers day program at church - he would have none of that.  We will try again next time.
- He is starting to draw things.  Slides, flowers and other things I can't remember. 
- He uses manners - pretty consistently.  Yay!
- He has started to tease his sister. NOOOOO!!! I keep reminding him that his job as a big brother is to watch out for Maddie and make sure she is okay.  We are working on this and he really does love his sister!
- If he wakes up to early, he will come cuddle with me in bed for 20 mins or so every once in a while = heaven!
- He loves being outside and loves worms and bugs right now.  He often comes running into the house so excited to show me with them in his hands. EWWWW!
- Sharing at preschool is still challenging - but we are working on that too!
- He loves to ask why about everything
- During his prayers he always says "thanks for this beautiful sabbath day and thank you for the sun and moon"

We just love having Mason in the fam.  He really is such a good little boy who adds immeasurable joy into our lives. 

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