Sunday, July 10, 2011

Move Back to California - Day 2 & 3

The second day of traveling was mostly driving but Terrill found a really delicious Mongolian BBQ. So we stopped and took a break from driving. We drove from Beckley, WV to Independence, MO.

This is a pictures of the bed and breakfast that we stayed at in Independence.

On the 3rd day we met up with my Aunt and Uncle who live(d) in Liberty which is close to Independence. We went to Sacrament Meeting w/ them and then drove over to the Liberty Jail. We got a tour with one of the sister missionaries there and it was an incredible experience to hear what the Prophet had to endure.

Liberty Jail

Far West

After visiting Liberty Jail we went out to Lunch with my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins and then headed out to Far West and Adam Ondi Ahman. It was beautiful, but we got a late start on our drive to Cheyenne, WY. On the way to Cheyenne we experienced, Rain, Flooding and a spectacular lightening storm! It was amazing. To make a long story short we didn't make it to Cheyenne because it got so late so we spent the night in North Platte, NE.

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