Sunday, April 24, 2011

Family Visits 3-15 to 3-20

I have been slacking at posting lately because I wanted to post so much about when my mom and brother came that I just haven't posted at all. So I have decided to do the condensed version so I can keep blogging other things!

They came in March and it was a lot of fun to have them see where we live and go do a ton of fun things. I planned an itinerary for us that planned out what we were going to do each day. Some of things we did included:

  • New York - world trade center, walking down wall street, hot chocolate at McDonald's (because it was so cold!), a Broadway show (The Lion King), time square, shopping and going to dinner. It was a ton of fun!

  • Philadelphia - seeing all the historical sites at constitution square, dinner at Reading Terminal market (yum!) and going to the U.S. Mint

  • Lancaster/Hershey - going to the chocolate factory, buying too much chocolate, riding in an Amish Buggy, shopping at Amish stores/markets and then coming home and eating Chinese food

  • New Hope & Washington's Crossing - this day turned out to be beautiful outside and was about 80 degrees. We drove past Washington's Crossing and walked downtown New Hope which has a lot of fun shops and places to eat

The weather was so nice the day we went to New Hope that we sat outside for about an hour and talked and John showed me some good core workout moves...haha

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  1. Hey Emily, it's Dayna. You guys do a lot of fun stuff. We think about you often. Good to see you are doing well!