Sunday, August 29, 2010


Last weekend, Terrill and I drove up to Boston to see his family. We started driving on Friday morning and realized that there are crazy drivers on the east coast!! We arrived in boston around 11:30 AM. It was much bigger then I pictured it to be. We ended up going to out to lunch with his fam and then doing the freedom trail, which is a walk that goes all through out boston and it stops at a bunch of historical sites along the way.

This where the declaration was read to the city for the first time.

This statue represented democrats. Terrill was standing on a plaque that said "opposition stands here".

This cemetary was really awesome. There was a ton of old graves, one of which included Paul Revere

On Saturday, Terrill and I got up super early to go for a five mile run along the Charles River. It was a beautiful morning and the weather was perfect! After our run, we all headed out to Crane beach to spend some time in the sun. It was very relaxing. After the beach we walked over to the Crane Mansion, which was the Crane Family's summer home in the early 1900's. (the cranes were a family made wealthy through a successful brass and plumbing manufacturing company)

Crane Beach

The Crane Estate

Hanging out on some random statue

On Sunday we headed out to church and then were on our way home. The whole weekend was a blast and we really enjoyed spending time with family. The only bad part was that it poured rain the whole way home, which was a little scary to drive in!


  1. So fun! Looks beautiful. Glad you guys had a great time! I'm jealous of all these adventures you guys go on and all the historical sights you get to see! How awesome!

  2. What a great thing to do! I have always wanted to go the Boston.
    I have that SAME EXACT bathing suit too!!

  3. We have been there! The freedom trail, the cemetary, but not the beach. I loved Boston! Such a cool place. But not temperature-wise. We were there when it was very HOT. Your swimming suit is so cute!

  4. Very cool-- I am making plans for a trip to Boston right now. So fun to see where you visited!