Sunday, September 25, 2016

Our Brave Mason did it!!

Last week was our primary program at church.  The primary presidency had asked each child to memorize their lines.  Mason's line was "I love to read Book of Mormon stories".  He knew it, we had practiced and he had practiced while at church.  

Just to rewind a little and put things into context... Mason has never gone up to sing, say a line or do anything for any primary program or song.  Okay, he did go up once for the last primary program but he wouldn't say his line.  We have come to the conclusion that he will do it in his own time and we don't need to push him if he really didn't want to do it.  For him it was a legitimate fear.  Of course as his mom, I want him to go up there every time and participate but for us it is a process. 

So back to last Sunday.  I asked Mason that morning if he was excited for the primary program to which he replied "I already know my line mom!".  So I let it go and didn't say anything else.  We got ready and did our normal Sunday routine which consists of us rushing out the door to be able to get to church a little early.  This Sunday we failed at this.  We walked in, they were singing the opening song and all of the primary children were already sitting up in the stand.  Mason would have nothing to do with going up there.  I felt horrible, it was our fault we got there late and now he was so scared again!!  So I took him out in the hall to try to talk him into it, it didn't work.   Then Terrill took him into the hall to see if he could talk him into it, it didn't work.  By this point I honestly was infuriated.  All the work and effort that had went into him being ready for this was waisted.  I just wanted to cry (I am also pregnant, haha).  So when sacrament hit, I was still all worked up and rather than focus on what I was supposed to focus on, I couldn't stop thinking about the situation at hand!! I had made up my mind.  I told Mason he didn't have a choice.  He had to go up there.  I told him the primary president wanted him up there, as well as his teacher and friends.  This wasn't something he could just choose every time we had a program or performance!! I also told him we didn't need to walk up in front of everyone but that we could walk up the side hall and go in the door on the stand.  That helped too.  So miraculously after the sacrament was over, he and I got up - walked in the hall and he briskly walked in front of me indicating he didn't need my help anymore.  I opened the door and off he went to sit by his teacher.  It was a MIRACLE!!!  

Not only did he go up there and participate he also said his line without any help!! We were so happy for him that he was able to do it and gosh, sometimes parenting seems hard! Even with the little stuff like this. We just want our kids to be happy and succeed at what they do.  We love you Mason man and are so happy for the young man you are turning in to!!

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