Friday, July 10, 2015

Mason's preshool graduation

June was a busy month! We had Madison's birthday party on a Saturday, Preschool graduation on the following Tuesday and we left for Utah on Wednesday!  I felt like a crazy person for a few days.  

Anyways, preschool graduation was so much fun and the kids were adorable.  The basic layout of the program was that they sang the Days of the Week song and their ABCs.  Then we presented diplomas and a picture book from the year to each child.  As each child came to stand on the stool for the presentation of the diploma's we also did a spotlight.  When that was over we had them say their Zoophonic's alphabet then it was over.  I have loved doing the preschool co-op.  Mason just loves all of the kids and going to different peoples houses each week. We have loved it so much, we are doing it again next year!!

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