Monday, September 9, 2013

Last Night with the Hoxies

The saddest thing happened this Summer.  My sister and her family moved to Utah.  I think the saddest thing about it was that it happened so quickly, and I wasn't ready!  They had taken a trip to Utah and decided on that trip to move to Utah and three weeks later they were gone.  I spent about 2 weeks crying every day just thinking about how driving to Livermore would make me sad and that I thought they would never leave!  They had lived there for 7 years and seemed to be the solid rock that would never leave.  Yet, they needed to do what was right for their family and I know they will be happy in Utah and there kids will love it too.  

The last day they were here, they were frantically trying to get everything ready to move.  I had the pleasure of watching their kids while they got ready and then late that night they all slept over.  The next day I watched their kids again while they got ready and then they came over one last time and we balled our eyes out and they drove off and that was it!

At first when I found out they were leaving I felt like I would be all alone here, but then I realized that this is life and I should make the most of it! Since they left, I have filled my days with lots of social, fun things.  And it has been awesome.  We Facetime all the time and talk every day.  Life goes on.  I am happy for them and I am happy too!  Everything works out for a reason :) We miss you Hoxies!!!

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