Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad

Last Saturday (1-29-2011) would have been my Dad's 60th Birthday. To remember him, I made him a cake! Because my family is kind of spread out and weren't able to be together, each of us made a cake to remember dad on his birthday! I made it a happy day with thoughts of my dad. I made sure to listen to The Car's while I baked (one of his favorite bands).

Terrill and I also went out to Chinese food for lunch. We had a great time, except I realized that Chow Mein is not the same thing as Lo Mein. Lo Mein is what I actually wanted and Chow Mein is what I ordered because I got the two mixed up :( I learned my lesson!

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  1. Emily- you are amazing! Very touching to hear you celebrate you dad!!!!