Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 New Year Resolutions Completed!

Generally speaking, I set New Year Resolutions and then forget about them for the last half of the year. This past year, I made a conscious effort to not do that so I wanted to document my progress. The following were my resolutions and I am excited to set new ones for this coming year! I found the key of setting resolutions for myself, is to keep it simple!

  • Read 5 books - This was so much fun! I have found a love of reading...! I exceeded my goal because I found it to be so relaxing and fun. Here was my list I completed: Beloved Emma, Joseph Smith the Prophet, Stolen Innocence, Honolulu, Molokai, The Last Song, I saw Heaven, The Rainmaker (still in process)
  • Give 1 Book of Mormon Away - Doing something like this is really hard for me, so I am hoping to continue to build courage in this respect, but I accomplished my goal and I hope the individual I shared this with will benefit from that book as much as I have.
  • Set bi-weekly goals - This one was one that I didn't do consistantly, but when I did, I found that setting little goals each week helped me to stay more on track in my life. This one still needs improving!
  • Read my scriptures before church on Sunday rather than after - I feel like this one helped me to stay more focused and feel the spirit stronger in church.
  • Run 1 Marathon - I ran the Ogden Marathon in 3:45 hours. It was the hardest one that I ran because Dad passed away 8 days prior too. I did my best to not let my emotions get the better of me, but my sister and I ran it for Dad. I persevered through it, but didn't qualify for Boston. I have decided I like running 1/2 marathons better. I think my body likes that better!
Bring on 2011!!


  1. I still need to set mine! I'm sad I missed you while you were in town! I hope you are doing well! you should sign up for the New York Marathon! I plan on running it this year with a friend!

  2. I don't always comment but, I read every Sunday. Thanks for the posts.

    I'm always a fan of goals.

  3. Emily, I stubbled on your blog! I love your goals from 2010! I have read just about every John Grisham book there is, so I am happy to 'The Rainmaker' made the list!

    I love the goal of giving the Book of Mormon away! I should add that to my list, and I have seriously been thinking of going for a 1/2 marathon. Way to go with the full marathon girl!