Saturday, November 13, 2010

Caribbean Cruise Part I

In the first week of November Terrill and I got to go on a Caribbean Cruise!! We had a blast and it was a nice get away from every day life. We flew into Orlando airport about 2 1/2 hours before the ship was going to leave. (It's a good thing none of our flight were delayed because we would have been cutting it really close!) We spent that night exploring the ship, playing games and eating a yummy dinner. The couple at our table were around the same age and we got to know them well during the cruise!

This is on the bus over to the cruise. We got to see a little bit of Florida and the Kennedy Space Center from our view on the bus.

One thing we love about cruise ships is there is neverending soft serve ice cream...It was a regular part of both mine and Terrill's diet.

Each night they leave a towel folded cool on your bed.

Cruising Day #1 10-31-10

This was our view from breakfast and I loved it. We also had a great view at dinner time as well. It is a cool feeling to look out for miles and miles all around you and only see ocean.

It was Halloween the first day on the cruise so they had this cool display of pumpkins in the lunch area.

The first night was a formal night so we had to get all dressed up fancy.

Cruise Day #1 - Cozumel 11-1-10

For this cruise we decided on doing 2 excursions since they are kind of pricy and we didn't want to spend to much. Our first excursion was going to the Mayan Ruins of Tulum. We had to take a ferry boat over to Playa Del Carmen and drove about an hour out to the country where these were located. Below -Terrill is standing in front of the Ferry boat we took over. It was a very rocky ride and I was happy when it was over but they provided entertainment. There was a guy about our age singing popular american songs on his guitar. He was really good so it distracted me from the rough ride!

Our tour guide was of Mayan decent and knew a ton about the culture and ruins we were going to see. Some of the things he said that were interesting to me were:

  • The Mayan's still believe there is a hidden magical city called Zarahemla
  • They have a carving/mural called "Lehi's Dream" - he somehow knew we were LDS and so when we got to a gift shop he showed us a Lehi's Dream carving and then said "You can learn more about this in the Book of Mormon" I was surprised to hear that!
  • The rise of the Mayans happened around 500 - 600 AD. This aligns with the time that Lehi/Nephi sailed to the America's and prospered
  • The Mayans were very advanced in education. They had a completely different calendar system.
  • It just amazes me that their structures still stand today after so many years!

It was sooo hot. We were drinking so much water, but I feel like I was sweating it out just as fast! You really can't beat the weather in California.

The ruins were right on the beach and it was the most beautiful beach I had ever seen before!

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  1. How fun! I love cruises! Frank and I took a trip to Playa Del Carmen for 7 days and it was probably the best trip we've taken. It wasn't a cruise, we just laid on the beach and went to the ruins, they are beautiful!