Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Getaway in Half Moon Bay

This past weekend we took a weekend get away in Half Moon Bay and the whole trip was a lot of fun. On Thursday night we met up with my Grandparents in Sunnyvale for dinner at a very yummy italian restaurant called Gumba's. We had a great time catching up and chatting. It reminded me that I need to see my family more than I do! Grammy and Terrill got these giant calzones which looked really yummy! I was so excited the whole day at work to get the weekend started that it was very hard for me to focus!

We arrived at the hotel on Thursday night around 8:30. The next morning we decided that we should go horse back riding at a local ranch that did guided tours. I should give Terrill credit though because he planned some really great things for us to do and this was one of them. We started at eight in the morning. My horses name was Fiesta and Terrill's was Juno. My horse loved to be in the front of the pack always making her way up to the front. That was fun except Terrill's horse loved to be in the back so we were seperated the whole time. We wrode along a trail that over looked the ocean. We rode through a couple of streams the the trail was really muddy so I got mudd all up my legs but it was great! Then we wrode down a small trail to the beach! It was heavenly. Riding a horse on the beach is only something I had seen in a movie and this was so much fun. I am bummed because they told us we couldn't bring any cameras because there was a photographer there, I wish I had brought it anyways because of course they charged an arm and leg for a picture! Below are the only ones we got!

I like this picture of Terrill - the background is nice too...hahaha!

After we did the horse back riding we went back to the hotel to clean up and grab some lunch. Well we worked out first. I am one of those crazy people who loves to work out on vacation because I finally have more time! Terrill is always willing to come along and work out with me. This pic is of us outside the hotel. Our room had an ocean view and I loved to have the window open all the time so that we could hear the waves crashing.

This pic was taken at Princeton Seafood Co. It was a local joint that had delicious seafood. We really enjoyed it!
After lunch we decided to walk around downtown and go window shopping. Nothing was purchased and we only lasted about 1 block (20 minutes) because we really don't like to shop, but we still had a great time! After window shopping we decided we wanted to relax the rest of the night so we went to the grocery store and got some of our favorite goodies. Then we went safeway and rented a few movies from Red box. After we watched a movie back at the hotel, we walked down to the beach to watch sunset...sigh

It was breath taking!

I had a lot of energy because sitting to watch a whole movie can be challenging for me!

I thought this was a great pic of Terrill

On Saturday we slept in until about 7:00. Then went to a local joint to grab a bite to eat. Terrill wanted to try out surfing and I just wanted to sit on the beach so we went to a surf shop rented a board and wet suit and then he strapped it to the top of the car.

As you can see it wasn't ideal conditions, but regardless Terrill got in that icey cold water and gave it his best shot! I thought he did a great job :)

I think he was a little worn out after that


  1. WOW! That sounds like fun. You inspire me to have more adventures.

  2. What a wonderful getaway! You guys always have a good time! you're adorable. Miss you guys!

  3. I love half moon bay...enjoy all these experiences as a newly married couple. You will love looking back and say "remember when we didn't have any kids and we got to do so many cool things"...
    Although kids bring another element of joy, traveling isn't as much fun as when it is just the two of you...
    Next time you are in the area, let me know. I would love to see you