Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby Shower for Amy

Suzanne and I decided to throw a baby shower for Amy (a friend from my ward). Might I say that thanks to Suzannes creativity - it turned out great! She definetely knows how to throw a good party. There were about 15-20 people from the ward there! I hope you had fun Amy :)

A book from her sis!

Chatting and eating

The set up

Aren't they cute!

Yummy food

These were baby rattle cupcakes


  1. I'm so glad it was a great shower! When is Amy due? Soon right? I'm so sorry I couldn't come down. I really wanted to. I had a bridal shower for a friend of mine up here that I went to on saturday - it ended up being at the exact same time as Amy's shower.

    How are you guys doing? We sure do miss everyone in Fremont.

  2. It looks like the shower was a great success! I wanted to come but attended a co-worker's funeral at the same time. I'm glad I found your blog. Steven and I have one too. I haven't been updating it too much lately but it's